The Firewall +

It’s an advanced solution for managing, monitoring and safety of corporate networks. It’s administration, extremely easy, allows the focus on business to be permanently.

Firewall + is part of Conecta + portfolio, WCS Conectologia unit which delivers sophistication, by means of the most innovative technologies and which provide to enterprises more operational efficiency, reduction of risks and costs, high availability, besides the business continuity.

Does Firewall + make the difference?

Firewall + is a security device which monitors entrance and exit of data from the corporate network, allowing or blocking specific traffic according to a defined set of security rules.

The word firewall has been increasingly common in our vocabulary, mainly on these times where digital security is a theme of great detach.

Firewall + arrived to give a new meaning to the concept of business data security, allowing full control of information traffic, fighting virtual attacks and providing total focus on core business.

  • Easy-to-use WEB interface
  • Technology 100% brazilian, from development to bracket
  • Bracket 24 x 7 – proactive
  • 20 years of market
  • One of the best cost-benefits of the market
  • It’s not modular
  • Intel homologated hardware

See the main characteristics of this WCS Conectologia solution.